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Since its foundation in 2002, Immovex has positioned itself at the top of the industry and has constantly innovated in the field of real estate.

Our field of expertise consists in the evaluation of all kinds of real estate. Our professionalism and our
customer care have contributed to building our solid reputation in several regions of Québec.

The recent market turmoil has had a significant impact on both the real estate and financial sectors.

Sensitive to this perception, we wish to emphasize that it is our duty to treat all files with rigor and good
governance, in accordance with our strict professional ethics. Immovex appraisers are a trusted, recognized and neutral resource.

In order to eliminate doubts and to have the right idea about the value of a land or a property, you can trust
our team of experts.

Services offered in real estate valuation

Appraisals of residential and multi-unit properties
Commercial and industrial appraisals
Appraisals for estate / divorce
Assessments for tax purposes

We offer our services in various regions of


Our offices are located in the most strategic areas of Quebec, find the one near you and visit us!

20 years

of experience

We have been bringing innovation to the real estate industry since 2002, our goal from the beginning was to become the benchmark in the industry, and we are really proud to be on the right track.

We will continue to innovate, provide new services and design new solutions for your needs in the future.

We are accredited by the most important real estate associations in Québec.

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